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Photos of Seven Children of 2face Idibia with Different Baby Mamas

Those who thought they had heard the last of 2face and his babymama dramas might have to think again after today’s bombshell of an allegat...

Police says it is under pressure to release Evans

- Acting Lagos state commissioner of police Galadanshi Dasuki revealed this to newsmen on Saturday, June 24 - Dasuki however said the police was not in a hurry to release the arrested kidnapper 

- He said the Force wants to fully interrogate Evans and use information learned from him to arrest other kidnappers The Lagos state Command of the Nigeria Police Force has raised the alarm that it is being pressured to release arrested billionaire kidnap kingpin Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike alias Evans. 

Daily Trust reports that acting Lagos state commissioner of police Galadanshi Dasuki told newsmen on Saturday, June 24 at the Command Headquarters in Ikeja that the Police was not in a hurry to release Evans in spite of calls from different quarters to do so.

Weak and Incompetent-Nnamdi-kanu-blasts-goodluck-jonathan-

- IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, blasted former President Goodluck Jonathan - Kanu said Jonathan is his


The governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Okorocha has said that what the Igbos need now is the Movement for the Economic Survival of Igbo People (MOESIP) and not any movement for the sovereign State of Biafra stating that leaders from

VastBracket Celebrates BirthdayTODAY

we join thousands of friends out there to wish MR vast of Brackets the yori yori masters as he celebrates his Birthday this day. You have contributed tremendously to the Nigerian music industry and aswell drawn your blessings from there. May the Lord almighty continue to push you higher in your carrier. Big ups to you bro as blessings follow you💗❤❤  

Ladies listen (18+ MIND)

1. Sex can never make him stay with you.
2. Giving out your virginity as a way to prove your love shows how Foolish You Are.
3. After giving your virginity out he will surely change
and you will be the one begging for his love.
4. Fighting another lady for snatching your guy is rubbish, you're fighting for someone who never loved you.
5. Proving that you are better than another lady will lead you Nowhere.
6. Playing too much hard to get may change his mentality towards you.
7. Men don't appreciate it when you easily accept them and Men hate it when you play too much hard to get, so make everything 50-50.
8. Sex is not Love.
# BE_WISE !!!

MUSIC:Nobody Else - Maestro Vic

Maestro Vic is an exceptional R&B and pop gospel music Artiste with over a decade years of experience in the Music Industry.
He was the leader of Unique Soul (a defunct PH based band) and spearheaded the release of the group's debut album titled 'Say God'.
Multi talented Maestro Vic is a Singer, Songwriter, Voice Coach, Producer and Music Director.


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Airtel 200naira for 20GB

This airtel #200 for just 20gb has been trending i decided to try it before posting it
When i tried it then i noticed that it was for real
Here's the procedure it's very easy and won't take much time but i think there's a looop in airtel server who knows
Let's proceed
Load #200 on ur airtel sim and


 olisa Ngonadi made it through the Ejike Ugboaja basketball camp recently held in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria and he is in U.S.A on a scholarship at Arizona....Go boy...the best is yet to come.

The Ejike Ugboaja Foundation is a charitable organization providing educational opportunities for young Nigerians through sports. Birthed in 2006 by Ejike Ugboaja, who holds the record of being the first African to be drafted to the NBA directly from Africa, and has provided opportunities for over 130 young Nigerian athletes in the United States. For more information visit www.ejikefoundation.org

Olisa in Action!!

view more photos >>>>

Check WAEC Result 2016

WAEC RESULT 2015/2016 www.waecdirect.org CHECKER

2016 Waec result has been officially released, candidates should visit www.waecdirect.org. Students are advised to keep their card serial number and pin secure to ensure easy and safe result check.....GOODLUCK to all 2016 waec candidates out there.

Costly Mistake: Child Switched at Birth

Error resulting in a hospital where two babies being switched at birth three years ago in the southern province of Binh Phuoc has been complicated by one of the families refusing to return their child.
In an interview with Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper on Thursday, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, 26, and her husband, 36-year-old Vu Dinh Khien, explained their side of the story.
Trang recalled the day she gave


THEY WAS A PREGNANT  MOTHER diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer accepted death so that her baby could live. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien from Duc Pho District in Quang Ngai Province turned down chemotherapy which would have meant giving up her unborn baby.

Hien and her husband got married Nguyen Tan Thanh 18 years ago. The young couple later left their hometown in search of treatment for their infertility in the central coastal city of Quy Nhon.

Hien and Thanh gave up after multiple unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts they could barely afford. Hien was admitted to hospital after she slipped while delivering noodles to diners where she worked. Doctors diagnosed her with stage-three breast cancer and announced her pregnancy during that same hospital admission.

Hien’s only hope of saving her life was to have her breasts removed and to give up her unborn baby and undergo chemotherapy. But she refused instead begged to save her baby, even if it meant death on her part.

Hien became paralyzed after the sixth month of her pregnancy and at 8 months, afraid that she might not make it as she was becoming weaker by the day, the sacrificing mother asked to have her baby delivered through C-section.

The child weighed a mere 1.8 kilograms was born in the utmost happiness of the mother. After she recovered from the hour-long operation, the first thing Hien did was fumble for her baby, saying in tears,

"I do want to live like everybody else, but I can’t lose my child, for I wouldn’t be able to live if I did. The only thing I regret is not being able to breastfeed my baby, as my breasts have already been removed. " she concluded.



It quite pleasant that the French man Paul Le Guen has been appointed as @NGSuperEagles Coach by NFF Technical Cttee. 1/2of the Nigerian Football Federation(NFF) technical committee.

He will be assisted by Salisu Yusuf , Imama Amapakabo and Alloy Aguwho will serve as goalkeeper trainer.

Paul Le Guen coached Cameroon in 20
09 and most recently Oman last year.


The First lady of Redeemed Christian Church of God,
 Our Darling Mummy Foluke Adenike Adeboye
Celebrates her 68th Birthday Today.

Lets Celebrate God's grace and love in her life and the ministration.

source: www.phanygram.blogspot.com

Video advert, fast rising advert means

Using videos and audios seem to be one of the fast rising means of advertisement in resent times, most individuals/companies/organizations engage the services of popular artists/actors/actresses to get their brand/product advertised in a video format or better still in an audio format as most people preffare watching or listening with their headsets. Below is an example of a video advert by the well known network company Globacom (Glo for short).

Recently, popular musician Mr Flavour (Nabania) drop a theme advert song titled PROFESSOR for the new Tv Series for cenemas which is currently been played on radio stations across this country, creating awareness even before releasing the said tv series. Most company should adopt this unique method of advertisement as 90% of your audience will love it.
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Famous Music presents...George Mighty

He is good, he has the voice, he is talented, he is George Mighty....042 finest drops this baddest single for your listening pleasure. Follow him on social media as seen in his pix above
Download ADAOBIM

Anticipate ANGELINA, coming your way soon......



Dear Viewers,

You are all invited to a mega programme in Enugu Nigeria, with the G.O of Redemption, Rev. Amb.  Chimaobi Aninwene and our Daddy,Dr. Uma Ukpai at New Spring Christian Redemption Church.
you cant afford to miss this great Encounter with Grace Extravagant.
And Celebration of her 5 year Anniversary with God on our Side and His grace with us.

Venue: Redemption Ground (Plot 8 Moses Ogbodo, Topland, Enugu.
Date: 22nd July - 24 July 2016.
Come and Remain Touched and move to the next level of Grace.

Few Reasons Why you should quit a Job you Dislike.

Image result for i quit job

As upcoming dude and budding professionals it is very likely that we’ll quit old jobs and starting new ones. Even though it’s necessary for career advancement (and sometimes for your own sanity), breaking up with an employer is hard to do.
Every situation has its peculiarities, but you can use these five tips as guidelines to help ease your way.

1. early career
In fact, start really early, even before you’ve thought about quitting. It’s important to regularly assess whether your role and company is providing what you need in your career. This starts in the interview process and should continue throughout your tenure as an employee.
If you’ve been open and transparent about your needs and wants in the past, it’s a relatively easy conversation to break the news that you need to part ways to grow your career. In the best case scenario, your boss may even agree with you that a new job provides a great opportunity.

2. Being discreet
Anyone who has ever been dissatisfied with a job can relate to the desire to go out in a blaze of glory, “who’s coming with me?” But before you become the star of your own viral video, consider what you have to gain from making a more dignified exit.Even if your job is horrible, you are going to need a positive story to tell your next employer. Leaving dramatically may feel good in the moment, but it will come back to bite you.

3. Save something
Nothing has the potential to make you miss your previously hated job like an inability to pay your bills. Having a sizeable nest egg will allow you to focus on finding a new position that fits you perfectly, rather than worrying about what your parents will say, aim to have at least six months’ worth of expenses in your fund to give you plenty of time to search for a new source of income.

4. Select an official story
Quitting is a golden opportunity to practice your very best public relations skills. You never know when someone will call your old boss for a reference, so it’s always best to be tactful.
Instead of making it about what you didn’t like at your old job, explain why you couldn’t resist your new opportunity. Nonthreatening reasons for quitting include exploring a new industry or role, or deciding to go freelance. If you’re leaving to further your career, be honesT but don’t forget to be delicate.

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Happy Sunday to you all.

SELF ESTEEM: 5 easy and fast steps to building it

Image result for self esteem
This article will open your eyes to factors, thoughts and qualities that could lead to low self esteem or what we call "inferiority complex", after which it will be explained in details, ways to build up Self Worth.
The aim of writing this article is to quench that thirst of knowing the reasons why things are the way they currently are with you....Happy reading

 Self esteem refers to what you believe about yourself or ones' perception about ones' self. The believe towards self can be either negative or positive, either of each will lead to low or healthy/high self esteem respectively. They are based on the experiences you've had in life, and the messages that these experiences have given you brings about the kind of person you are.

Why people often develop Low self esteem
People often times focus on the negative part of their life or most of all their mistakes, and continue to blame oneself for their life failures.
The factors below explains why people develop low self worth
  • Absence of praise, warmth, affection or interest: Inability to get enough of each could lead to low self worth, every individual craves for love, affection etc and when they are not forth coming he/she thinks they are not good enough for other people or that they are different form other normal people.
  •  Being the odd one out, at home or at school: Yes, this factor contribute a whole lot in low self esteem development. Imagine a situation where one is been bullied throughout his/her college lifetime, what else do you think of them?
  • Abuse or childhood trauma: Insignificant but very important, children that where abused in one way or the other end up having this guilt, bitterness, anger and sense of not belonging believing they can not fit in anywhere.
Ways to overcome this self worthlessness

  • Always pray for God's Help. Guide your thoughts diligently
  • Keep yourself busy always, it helps to get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Make friends with people who value your kind of person.
  • Never say Never. Search for opportunities and utilize them by attempting those things your thoughts or people tell you you can't do. Imagine someone doing what he/she was told they can't do? It Works Magic in Boosting self worth.
  • Focus on what goes well for you.
  •  Viewing mistakes as learning opportunities helps a great deal 
  • Always Try new things, and give yourself credit.
  • Aim  only for effort rather than perfection.  
  • You are just okay the way you are, just believe lovely.
  • Self esteem isn't a gift, it's a process

Image result for self esteem  Image result for self esteem  
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Muhammad Ali Muslim folk bigins funeral prayer service for him : see photos

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Crowd assemble at the cavernous freedom hall arena to pay tribute to the boxing champion of the 20th century who died of Perkinson's disease last week at the age of 74. Most of those in the crowd held high their cameras and cell phones to captures the coffin carrying the hero's (Muhammad Ali) remain as it was been moved.
Image result for muhammad ali funeral photos

The ceremony which launched a two-day interfaith tributes in Louisville brought together dignitaries, VIPs, fans and admirers as Ali was known for his bravery and fearlessness in and outside the boxing ring.

The champion was born during the racial segregation in South America as Cassius Clay but changed his name to Muhammad Ali after converting to Islam in the year 1964. He defeated Willi Besmanoff in November 29 1961, as that was his last fight in his hometown, Thursday prayer was held at the site.

The organizer of the event Imam Shakir Zaid stated that the service was a Muslim traditional Funeral as he was dare to the muslim folks, so the service was meant to honor his reputation, legacy and all he stands for.

The funeral will commence in the city on friday 10th June, cutting across places important to Muhammad Ali such as his childhood home,the Centre for African American Heritage – which centers on the lives of blacks living in Kentucky, the Ali center and lastly along Muhammad Ali Boulevard before arriving at the cemetery for a private burial.

family spokesman Bob Gunnell urged journalists in a press conference on Thursday not to video or cover the burial rites for afar or helicopter as the burial is private.

Ali will be honored at an interfaith service on friday. A memorial service that will gather up to 17,000 people including VIPs, Heads of States and even world wide fans..RIP MUHAMMAD ALI